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About Marshallberg

The people and community of Marshallberg

The name Marshallberg was chosen in honor of Matt Marshall who for several years had been running the mailboat that served the community


Marshallberg Farm
This farm also hosts NC State University?s Marine Aquaculture Research Center (MARC), which opened in 2009. The center is busy developing technologies for cleaning water used in aquaculture, studying a variety of saltwater fish species, and testing sustainable aquaculture feeds that replace fishmeal. MARC is also outfitted with a wind turbine and solar array to study the benefits of integrating renewable energy with aquaculture production.


What is now the community of Marshallberg began to take form on February 22, 1713, when the Duke of Beaufort, one of the Lords Proprietors, issued a land patent to George Bell for 287 acres of land on Newport (Core) Sound, north of the Straits and east of Davis (Sleepy) Creek for the sum of two pounds, sixteen shillings. David Foote, married Hepsabeth Bell, who was apparently the only child of George Bell. In 1803, Mary David Foote married Thomas Clifford Davis, third son of Benjamin Davis and Sabra Williston. This marriage was the beginning of the population of what was to later become the community of Marshallberg.


At the turn of the century, Marshallberg was a point for cooking and packing hard crabs, tomatoes, and other food items. Around 1910, a boat building facility was established by Mildon Willis at the head of Sleepy Creek near his home. This was later to become Mildon W. Willis and Sons and moved to Deep Hole Point and continued to operate until the late 1990's. This was the beginning of a boat building industry that has continued for almost 100 years on Marshallberg. Craftsmen like Mr. Mildon and his two sons, Grayer and Kenneth, Ray Davis and his grandson Gary, Gerald Davis, Myron and Buddy Harris, and Keith Willis, all built boats for many purposes; Core Sound skiffs, Core Sound work boats, offshore party boats, pleasure yachts, and even small electric powered lake boats by Budsin Wood Craft.