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Marshallberg Farm Russian Sturgeon and Osetra Caviar

Marshallberg Farm is the largest producer of Russian sturgeon and Osetra caviar in North America.
Our farm adheres to U.S. environmental standards, proudly producing superior quality Osetra malossol caviar and sturgeon meat through sustainable aquaculture of Russian sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii). Our American caviar is pure, containing only sea salt and the finest hand selected Russian Sturgeon roe.

The farming process at Marshallberg Farm begins with hatching the eggs, then growing the small juvenile fish in the company’s nursery tanks until they reach a size of approximately 600 g. At this time they are stocked into larger production tanks and are fed every two hours throughout the day. When fish reach a size of approximately 5 kg, males and females are separated, then grown further until they are ready to be harvested. Females are sampled prior to harvest using ultrasound and biopsy methods to assess egg quality. If quality is suitable for our caviar, fish are placed into separate tanks in crystal clear water in preparation for harvest. From the time juveniles are stocked until the caviar is ready to harvest from females normally takes at least five years.

Marshallberg Farm’s pristine, state-of-the-art processing facilities are equipped with everything needed to yield some of the highest quality sustainable seafood products on the market, including our farmed Russian sturgeon and Osetra caviar.